Last Updated
1st May 2018

Archery Etiquette

While there can be a lot of fun to be had at archery there is also a serious side.
If you follow these simple tips you won't go far wrong.

1. Do Not leave your shooting partner on the line on their own.
2. Only two archers per target per detail.
3. Your equipment is no better then anyone else's.
4. No talking or coaching on the shooting line.
5. Do not leave the shooting line with archers ether side of you if they are at full draw.
6. Do not push in or walk up to the shooting line when archers are at full draw.
7. Do not leave cigarette ends and litter on club grounds.

A Good Archer…

Does not - Talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting.
Does not - Talk to another archer who prefers to be silent.
Does not - Offer advice unless asked.
Does not - Touch another Archers equipment without their permission.
Does not - Walk up and down the line comparing scores.
Does not - Go behind the target to retrieve their arrows before their score have been recorded.
Does not - Exclaim on the shooting line.
Does not - Linger while retrieving arrows or while walking back from the target.
Does keep their children and dogs well back from the shooting line and, if possible out of earshot.
Does not - Inflict your problems on other archers while shooting is going on, they may have their own to contend with.
Does not - Go on using club equipment for too long, other newcomers may need it.
Does not - Laugh when a good archer is going through a bad patch, it's a desperate business, and you won't escape it either.
Always - If they break another's arrow through his own carelessness, he pays to replace it.
Always - Helps to put out the equipment and put it away.
Always - Ask if you may join a target if it is already in use.

Target Days, Matches and Tournaments.

Do not be late.
Leave nothing on the shooting line, except for foot markers.
When shooting in 2's, do not place yourself on the centre mark.
Keep your equipment behind the waiting line.
Do not walk up and down the line comparing scores.
Give your score to the target scorer in the following way: Highest score first, and in 2 groups of 3, e.g. 9-7-7 pause, 5-3-1.
Retrieve arrows, which have dropped in front of the target before the scores are recorded.
Do not pass behind the target until the scores have been recorded.
Keep to the left when leaving the shooting line or walking beyond the target.
Pay on the spot if you damage somebody's arrows through your own carelessness [This is getting a bit impractical nowadays, with the price of X-10's etc. - but at least offer and mean it!]
If you have shot badly, do not spoil your friend's success with your misery!

Please feel free to download your own copy for you to keep at home.