Last Updated
1st May 2018

History of Kenwith Co. of Archers Club

The Club was formed in 1964 as Kenwith Castle Archers, taking its name from the Kenwith Country Club in whose grounds the Club had its first home.

The Club was very successful from the start, rapidly gaining a reputation for its happy atmosphere and skill at staging open tournaments. Amongst the early members was Tony Potter who won a Silver Medal for England in the Empire Games in Jamaica in 1966, and two years later went on to further success with the Great Britain Team in the Paraplegic Game in Tel Aviv in 1968.

In 1969 the Country Club was sold, and while the Club continued to produce a succession of County archers, it was not until 1991 that the Club had an official home at Littleham Field. In the intervening years there had been several changes of venue and it was at the 1977 AGM that the name of the Club was changed to the present title, but continued with the now familiar KCA logo.

Kenwith Company of Archers is a friendly club. It boasts a strong junior section, several senior members voluntarily coach the youngsters at their meetings. Club members meet in summer on the field at Littleham, which has the necessary facilities and a Pavilion to shelter from inclement weather conditions.

The Club has catered for all forms of archery, and whether your discipline may be longbow or the more sophisticated recurve and compound bows, there is a place in the Club for you whether your aspirations are national level archery, as many members have achieved, or simply to enjoy the sport at Club level.

Our AGM is in July and subs are due then, we have our outdoor Open Shoot on Littleham Field in July and an Indoor Open Shoot in November at the Kingsley School, refreshments are available all day at each and there is lots to do for all.
When shooting either at the club or in competition we have to abide by the GNAS Rules of Plain Dark Green and/or Plain White garments or our Club Colours of Dark Blue Shirt and Black Trousers only, and sensible shoes that protect your feet from any stray arrows.