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The Club has various fees based on membership types.

All members must affiliate to ArcheryGB as the national sport governing body and through whom we get our public liability insurance cover and also to the regional and county archery associations, Grand Western Archery Society and the Devon & Cornwall Archery Society.  Only affiliated archers are allowed to shoot at our indoor and outdoor ranges.

Social Member

Social members are friends of the club who contribute to the club admin, or simply want to be involved in the social side of the club.

There is no fee for being a social member, but they are not entitled to shoot at the club facilities, and do not have a vote at the Annual General Meeting - or at other times.  

Associate Member

Associate members have Kenwith as their secondary club.  They will belong to another archery club as their main club, but wish to shoot regularly at our club facilities.  This membership does not include affiliation fees as it is expected the archer will be registered at their main club, and also does not include voting rights at the AGM or other meetings.

Junior Member

A junior member does not have the right to vote, but they do have a junior representative on the committee and they have an adult Juniors Officer also on the committee.  Junior members can shoot on the specified club nights and also use club facilities at other times as long as they have adequate adult supervision.

Cadet Member 

A cadet is between the ages of 18 and 24 and this transitional period between Junior and Senior membership carries a lower fee.  Cadet members do have voting rights and can use the club facilities same as Senior members.

Full Senior Member 

Aged 25+ - The Senior member has rights to use the club facilities and vote on matters at the Annual General Meeting and at other times.

Green Fees - Visitors

Where a visitor from another club wishes to shoot with us, there will be a "green fee" payable to cover insurance cover and wear and tear of club equipment ( targets etc ).

The cost is £3 per session (a full day is 2 sessions, am and pm, with evening being a third session). 

A visitor is limited to 15 green fee sessions per calendar year. 

This is to avoid the green-fee process being used long term instead of membership dues.

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